Following your gut!

Following your gut!

Always follow your gut was the advice of a diversity and conflict consultant. As she planned a group session with a new client, she wondered how tapping into “feelings” would be received. Her intuition led her to begin by inviting the members of a team in serious pain to pay conscious attention to how they were “feeling”. She spread JICT Images on the floor and asked members to “take a walk” and choose the image that spoke to how they were feeling right now. She invited them to take a second walk and choose an image that represented where each wants the team to go moving forward.

Her skepticism about the client response was allayed when all 15 members in the group clamored to share when invited to share how they were feeling right now. Because expressions were made via an image, truth was shared that otherwise would have been ignored. Her assessment is that using the metaphor of the image provided a vehicle that permitted each person to be more vulnerable; this led to a VERY open conversation. The interaction was supportive, encouraging, caring and compassionate.

Her learning: “Even when we think our client will not be open to this kind of process, we need to follow our gut and go with what feels right.”


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