Using Your Intuition to Travel Creatively

Using Your Intuition to Travel Creatively

Are you traveling this holiday season? I flew to Costa Rica with my husband for two weeks over Thanksgiving! Using my intuition has always served me especially when traveling. Here’s three tips for listening to your intuition on your adventure:

  • Center your entire body before leaving the hotel room. Feel every part of your body from the inside. Start with your toes and work up. This will connect all of your body to your brain so that you can “hear” what your intuition is telling you. Not only will it support you in being aware of all that is around you, your intuition will guide you to a more fulfilling day.
  • Be especially attentive to the wisdom of your body. If you are lost, your body may guide you back to the hotel. If you are unsure which restaurant to choose for dinner, ask your body. Your intuition lives within your body. Ever feel your heart glow or get a catch in your stomach? That’s your body suggesting what might serve you to do next… or not Just pause and wait for a “knowing” of some kind.
  • Pause and reflect on each adventure… allow your intuition to support your memory. Your intuition can support your choosing what is most meaningful from your adventures. Brain body scientists tell us emotions are stored all over our body. If we pause and reflect on each day, the emotional memory and the meaningful experience will be more easily recalled when we return home. Educators know that attaching a stronger emotion to a new learning will make the memory more easily recalled.

Creating images in your mind supports your memory as do all those photo images. Play with some of the JICT Images and see what memories you recall.



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