Creative Packing

Creative Packing

I have often struggled with what to take and what to leave home when packing my suitcase for a trip. For my most recent trip I decided I did not want this to be a struggle… I don’t have to do this the “one way” that I’ve always used. If you have read some of my recent postings you know I believe in paying attention to my intuition especially when traveling. So, I decided that maybe my intuition might make my packing decisions easier. Here are the steps I used to pack intuitively:
1. Center your body by feeling the whole of you.
2. Ponder the mood that you desire for the trip; i.e. peaceful, excited, relaxed, “looking good” or???
3. Lay some clothes on your bed that are possibilities for the trip.
4. Pick up each article of clothing and let your intuition tell you if it supports the mood you have chosen.

What happened for you? Please share your story… anytime.


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