Leadership involves “TOTAL” intelligence

Leadership involves “TOTAL” intelligence

While metal intelligence has long been highly valued, we are in an age of “recognition” about the value of other intelligences. Daniel Goleman has done extensive research in the area of Emotional Intelligence and more recently, “Eco Intelligence”. Physical trainers remind us that our body remembers … the muscles are able to recall prior movements and when we return to a position we become more comfortable … we’ve reached a new comfort zone.

While many have shared definitions of Spiritual Intelligence, two of my favorites are Altazar Rossiter … “Spiritual Intelligence is a resource that enables us to be at peace with ourselves, self-empowered, self-accepting and self-responsible” and Deepak Chopra … “Spiritual intelligence doesn’t address one specific situation. It’s about finding the sacred in everyday life”. So much more can be said about this intelligence.

One of my teachers, Cat Thompson, Q3 Wellness, does a great job of bringing it altogether. Her work focuses on the stories we create to “protect” ourselves and how we can peel back the onion to get to the core. Leadership is getting to that core, being willing to reveal it to the world and allowing our inner core to lead. How well do you know your inner core, your essence?

Most definitions of leadership they include components such as courage, strength, dependability, flexibility, integrity, respect; all these are valid. And I would offer that they are all part of “total intelligence”. I would add that if these are not exhibited in the presence of self-awareness and vulnerability, authenticity may be lacking or at the minimum questionable. The question posed with this image is “What is within you that you want to reveal to the world”? How would that revelation enhance your leadership?


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