I focused on breathing while making a presentation recently … the image representing support allowed me to pay attention and not run short. Earlier in the day, I had been supported by a partner who inspired me to pay closer attention to my breathing. As folks gathered, I experienced disappointment for a moment … numbers were lower than I expected. I was reminded of my partner’s support, checked in on breath and did a few shoulder drops; the disappointment quickly turned to excitement!

I began with ease and joy knowing that the numbers in the room were exactly as they were supposed to be, whoever was present was who was called to be present. And, it was a fabulous session which I could feel along the way and was reinforced by appreciation expressed by attendees. The images created space for people to connect, collaborate and celebrate.

Sharing the importance of “breathing” deeply, allowing the image of the outstretched hand of a colleague to serve as a reminder, offered me exactly what I needed to create a warm & safe space for “getting to the heart of the matter” among folks who had only just met.


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