Images Zoom In on What Matters

Images Zoom In on What Matters

Users of JICT Images have found that the image cards can act as the zoom lens on the camera. A certain image, or something in the image speaks to you because it brings into focus something you may have viewed from afar if you even saw it at all. Recently a participant in my seminar “zoomed in” on the man standing on the pier on the right side of the image. I had never noticed the silhouette of the man as I had always zoomed out to the sea. The image of the man allowed this participant to see that he could actually be in the state of peace he felt from the entire image. Seeing a man there, allowed him to be there versus just viewing the scene is something he wished for in his life. Another participant who chose this same image zoomed in on the boat tied up to the pier.

What do you think this might have allowed for her to see?


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