… Fearless Women DISCOVER!

… Fearless Women DISCOVER!

Being part of Women Without Fear keeps me Fearless! I recently asked several of my fearless colleagues to choose an image and share how the chosen image reflects fearlessness for each. WOW! This image of the plant with spines initially drew a blank from the holder … then an Aha! The image spoke to her about openness, growth and flexibility. Being open to trust what she needs will come allows her to set aside the fear of being held hostage. This image spoke to her about “prickly” things which provided a way to express that while sometimes she finds herself in “prickly” situations, these always lead to growth. The image reminded her to be flexible when things are “prickly”. I continue to be amazed at how often an image chosen meets with a blank stare and suddenly a light bulb goes on to reveal what is at the “heart of the matter”.


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