Surviving vs. Thriving

Surviving vs. Thriving

“Thirvers constantly re-invent themselves, they are mentally agile and willing to risk”, David McNally. Quite a dilemma this stuck car poses! David offers that survivors “take stock … thirvers take charge”. July 4th fireworks in a nearby community offered an opportunity to thrive. A “small” parking space presented itself 2 blocks from a great viewing spot.

As I took stock this image came to mind; I chose to take charge. I was able to maneuver my way into a very tight space (not unlike this image) … I chose to thrive. The end of the story was funny when folks passed by as I made my way out of the spot thinking I had been “parked in”! Little did they know I was a thirver.; it was a fit for me at the time. What is a good fit for you at this moment? Where can you thrive?


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