Real or Imaginary Bars

Real or Imaginary Bars

Really … any bars that hold me back ARE imaginary … I make them up to protect me, insolate or isolate me or something else. I always have choices and can remove the bars if I choose. David McNally’s message suggested thriving vs. surviving … it reminded me that 13 years ago he shared a similar message that supported me as I grieved the sudden loss of my spouse. Once again, the concept had significant meaning. “Thriving” re-inspired me related to my business this time.

My work in education has been awesome in the last few years. I know I’ve made a difference for those I’ve touched. And, how can I truly THRIVE in this work? What needs to change to have an impact that is more far reaching? I invite you to consider where in your life might you “raise (or remove) the bar” to thrive? More to come about the distinctions between Survive & Thrive; don’s miss out.


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