Collaborating… ICF MRC Breakout Session Step #2

Circle mates were invited to use an image chosen randomly to express the possibilities around creating a “Wisdom Group” … the JICT name for a group of folks who support, nurture and encourage each other to thrive. Two groups took it a step further by assembling the images to create their story. One story is reflected in these images …

… it began with “one way” thinking, many limits and moved to “giving birth” to something new by caring for and nurturing each other. Then came a realization that the images had chosen them as they noticed that though the reeds were dark and somewhat colorless in the foreground, there was an entirely different scene, the city with all its variety, in the background which led to there being more than “one way”. Finally there was clarity as they climbed the mountain of possibilities and created a group that was tailor made to support the needs of each individual. WOW!!!


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