Images Rule… on our new interactive website

Images Rule… on our new interactive website

Websites are a work in progress … the fast pace of technology (and life) requires continual change. We are proud to announce that we are keeping up. We “soft launched” our new website early in May (you may have noticed); you are the first to know that our official opening is today!

We have many more interactive features, a scrolling home page and a wider variety of images. You will find valuable tidbits about research related to the emotional realm, better understand how images support evoking emotional exploration and inspire “getting to the heart of the matter”… whatever the matter! You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with some activities and read how users have unearthed new awareness with a particular image. Be sure to visit our Blog tab to read the results users have experienced using JICT Images.

Maybe you can tell … we’re very excited to be able to introduce you to a tool that will transport you to a different level of awareness. What we hear so often is that JICT Images takes users to otherwise unexplored territory and opens space for often avoided or unaddressed conversations. JICT Images deepens the level of conversation.


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