JICT Images Lead to Wisdom

JICT Images Lead to Wisdom

Wow… we declare that JICT Images lead to wisdom, a huge statement. I made the declaration after pondering an image card that includes the question: “What wisdom comes from reflection?” The thought came to me that going to “the heart of the matter”, is where images take the viewer. The emotional realm, which is “the heart of the matter”, is where your wisdom is best brought to light. This means expanding from the logical mind and including the heart. Emotions predispose us to action; action based on the wisdom of our entire being which is much more than just the logical mind. Uhmmm, something to ponder, yes?



  1. Carol  May 18, 2012

    Yes, yes, yes… I agree and have experienced how reflecting from within my body adds to that thing at the top of my body!?


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