7 Principles for Contentment

The author of an article I read recently offered a list that resonated with me. As 2012 jumps into full swing, I offer “7 Principles for Contentment” … see what food for thought, new awareness or inspiration these provide.

Principle for Contentment #1 … learn to trust
If you closed your eyes and were guided across the bridge, how long would it take before you opened your eyes? What conversations are important to nurture trust?

Principle for Contentment #2 … live in the here and now
What beauty are you missing on your life journey either because you are attached to the past or focused on the future? What beauty surrounds you in the “here and now”?

Principle for Contentment #3 … honor and respect your boundaries and the boundaries of others
What should you say “no” to right now? What have you said no to because a “should” has been in the way? What would revitalize you if you said yes?

Principle for Contentment #4 … slow down
Pay close attention to the route as you travel to work. Take a walk just to absorb all that surrounds you. As you dry the dishes, savor the moisture removed by the towel. Notice each snowflake or rain drop.

Principle for Contentment #5 … take yourself more lightly; laugh more daily
Laughter has many health benefits. Research shows that children laugh, on average 400 times per day – adults 15 times. So, adults, how much more laughter each day would enhance your wellbeing? How many times per day will you commit to laughter? [A footnote: watch an episode of Golden Girls; you cannot possibly get through it without laughing MANY times].

Principle for Contentment #6 … expect the best
What we focus on expands … expecting the best allows us to create more (and better) than we could ever imagine. If we expect the worst for sure we’ll get it! What is your preference?

Principle for Contentment #7 … be grateful
Several years ago after the death of my spouse, I began keeping a “gratitude journal” as part of my grieving process. WOW … was this an eye opener. In the midst of what seemed like unhappiness forever, expressing gratitude supported me to want to BE happy and allowed me to count my blessings. Start with just 3 things per day … like the commercial says, “bet you can’t record JUST 3”! Share your gratitude revelations with us here.


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