What Does Your Group Look Like

We all belong to groups… some we like more than others. Forming (or choosing) an image that reveals how you view your group can be more than revealing… it can lead to some actions that would serve the group in being more functional.

For example, what kind of group does this JICT Images picture represent? You may see the colored string representing different kinds of people within your group. You may feel that there are some “knots” in the group… some places of disagreement, but that in the “big picture” it works as a beautiful thing! You may view the silhouettes as leaders who put their “stamp” on the group… and then decide if it interferes or supports the group.

Whatever you “see” is what you may be feeling within your heart. It may show you what is important for the group or it may show you where to focus or maybe even what is being ignored. Whatever comes to your mind… your heart… is important to ponder.

So, what do you see? Add your comment by responding to this post.



  1. Irene Kelly  March 8, 2012

    I see the diversity in one important group in my life, Rotary. It is an international organization comprised of 1.3 million members worldwide, in 33,000 clubs. Each time I am involved in activity beyond my club in Eden Prairie MN, I am reminded that I am part of something so much bigger than myself or even my club (72 members).

    Rotary is largely responsible for the eradication of polio in the world (there are only cases in 3 countries); it is one of the most highly respected youth exchange programs in the world; it has a foundation that is #3 on Charity Navigator … one of the most well administered in the world… and I could go on.

    Bottom line, this image says diversity in ethnic background, beliefs, programs, ideas and service. And yes, there are differences … that mostly serve to support … I'm focused on the positive and proud to be in service in an organization that promotes high ethical standards, service and peace!

    Take a look or!


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