Forming a New Group

Are you in charge of forming a new group? Have you noticed how people sometimes are quiet and don’t talk as they wait for your to begin the meeting? If people are in small groups at tables, place a few JICT Images cards on each table.

As people come in suggest they discuss the images… whatever comes to mind… with people at their table. What we have found is that people really open up (speak from their hearts) with the support of an image or two. It is almost magical how images allow us to go deep into the emotional realm where we share from our deepest caring and reveal more of who we truly are. When you begin the meeting people will feel much more connected to those with whom they have shared and the meeting will begin in a more relaxed way that more easily supports your intention for this new group. People will be more willing to share with each other and the sharing will be on a deeper level.


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