Competition or Collaboration

A Wall Street Journal article early this year spoke of the fact that at a female entrepreneur event, it seemed women were “being too cozy”. This opinion brought into focus the difference in the feminine vs. masculine approach to business. Collaboration is becoming a more viable way of doing business – THANKFULLY. Support advances efforts and generates abundance. Isn’t that what we really want? OR are there some out there who want to see others defeated? Who yearn for watching businesses fail and entrepreneurs not succeed?

In actuality, there is really ENOUGH for everyone and when we all use out gifts to their greatest good, we all succeed. As feminine energy influences our world in stronger ways, my hope is that we will see more “cozier” interactions … and not just at VC or networking events. Success for all is my dream!



  1. Eliza Fayle  April 3, 2012

    I LOVE promoting my peer business owners! There certainly is ENOUGH for everyone and when we come from that place of abundance, collaboration is a no brainer. The energy that builds is awesome. Heavy emphasis on the 'awe' 🙂


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