No Shoulding

Think about language again … “I love to spend time with my grandkids” vs. “I should spend time with my grandkids”. For most grandparents the former is true. Consider the difference. Loving to do something exudes an entirely different energy that “should” do something. With “love” there is ease and excitement, a sense of peace. With “should” comes guilt and stress; a sense of dread. So, in which place do you want to be, the loving place or the shoulding place?

Where are there “shoulds” in your life that you want to shift to “love”? In most cases this shift will necessitate a major life change, a declaration that I will do things VERY differently. I’m up for the shift; how about you? What image speaks “no shoulding” to you? Mine is shown here.

One way to make a shift is to choose a symbol that reflects the place you want to be … mine is soaring, peacefully in the deep blue sky. When a “should” surfaces, I bring that image into focus and ask myself, “what new awareness would empower me to shift to “love”? And then, what changes are needed to move to the “love” place?


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