JICT open position

Help us Spread the Word!  JICT LLC is looking for your help … our intention for 2012 is to add a sales agent to our team! 

We are looking for a good communicator who is trustworthy, service oriented and self-motivated with connections to our target market … managers, coaches, facilitators, human resource professionals.

The position is for an independent contractor who will work on commission basis to share JICT Images, a set of evocative images with questions, [ OR] in the world and meet jointly established goals.

How can you help?

  • Contact us if you are interested
  • Pass along this opportunity to share a unique product with colleagues.
  • Share our need for a sales representative with those in your networks. The ideal candidate possesses excellent sales skills and is as interested in people development as in sales.
  • Publish this message on your social media sites

Who in your network can lead us to someone who would enjoy sharing a message that supports people to “get to the heart of the matter”?


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