Valued Alone Time

I am an extrovert so people energize me… at least most of my life they have. During my time in Tucson with my business partners, I found myself alone one morning … I’m a night owl; they are early risers. By the time I got up (just past 6:30 am) they had left for a walk. At first I had a feeling of abandonment which quickly released into “I can do my own thing this morning”! I found myself reveling and realizing that as much as people energize me, I really do value my alone time. The revelation is reflected in this image of a hawk soaring in the beautiful sky. While she is all alone there are scads of flora and fauna below … never mind some people!

My revelation brought to light the balance I value in reflection and interaction … and that I am energized by both. I invite you to take some time to notice how reflection serves you. How might claiming time for reflection support you?


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