What a Shift

Transformational Testimonial…

As my friend and I headed to the airport in Tucson for 7:00 am flights, fire energy prevailed; we were in the rapids! A significant lesson was afoot. Fire energy can be frenetic, chaotic, hot … as we left the hotel with what was perceived to be “just enough time”, we were unsure of the route (the IPhone directed us correctly and in our haste [fire] we headed in the wrong direction); that was corrected pretty quickly. We wanted to avoid the high cost of gas at the airport, however didn’t know the area and had neglected to consider gas station hours (more fire… the rapids were quickly escalating).

We pulled up to the pump on the side opposite from the gas tank sides … jockeying to correct. Inserting the credit card, posed choices; fire energy led to choosing incorrectly which necessitated going INTO the store (fire persisted) and more delay. We were worn out only a few minutes into the 30 minute trip and feeling certain that time was too short to make the airport on time for flights.

Declaring that fire energy was present and not serving us, allowed us to shift the energy and outcome to a timely arrival. Unsure of the route, we agreed to shift the energy; ground served us (all is well in my queendom!). We declared our intention to arrive exactly 1 hour prior to flight time. Ground energy supported us to slow down, breathe and stop to wonder when the IPhone posed a direction that confused us so as to choose the correct path.

And, guess what? We arrived exactly 1 hour prior to flight time at our intended upon arrival time. All really was well in our “queendoms”. Of course, we’ll never know how not shifting our energy might have impacted the arrival time, however, I do know that remaining in fire energy would have completely exhausted us and likely negatively impacted the friendship we share. Choose your energy wisely (and lightly); it impacts the outcome!


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