Tolerating and Timing

The footprint offers insights into how we “let life lead”. So often we find ourselves on a path that is not fulfilling. We neglect to examine changing paths, forget to ask if it is the path we want, if it offers enrichment or if we are merely feeling stuck.

What have you been tolerating that you are ready to explore? Everything happens in its time … you know the saying … a season, a reason, a time. It is pretty common at some time to let “life lead” rather than “lead life”! Whether due to feeling powerless or without choice, we can fall prey to letting life happen.

Sound familiar? Take stock … have you been leading life or have you been intentional about where you are going? Name 3 things in your life that you have been tolerating that you are ready to explore. How would you like to be different about them? What would be required to stop tolerating? How ready are you to STOP tolerating? Remember, timing is everything … be sure it is the right season, reason and the time! Next steps will be obvious and feel comfortable when the time is right! Meanwhile the exploration will certainly bring you new awareness.


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