Taking Myself Lightly

Image This…

An inspiration from the Taking Life Seriously, Myself Lightly conference came from Barb who recounted a few comments her granddaughter made upon noticing the differences between her eight year old arm / face and her grandmother’s. The image of the little girl reminds me to remember my child self in regard to lightness.
Of course the young girl’s questions highlighted grandma’s aging [things like those “wings” on our upper arms and the smile lines (read: wrinkles)] and prompted laughter … as well as a reminder to embrace what is and take it lightly! Much like every other thing in life, it’s important to balance significance and trivializing. Consider something of significance … how would bringing more lightness to it be valuable?

The visual of the child is representative of the value of allowing my childlike lightness to be present and also know that there are many helping hands. The adult wisdom is in knowing when to make the choice between accepting the hand and testing it on my own.


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