At the first Annual On Purpose Women Conference in Columbia, Maryland, I was really drawn to talk to the woman sitting next to me at one of the workshops. We had much in common and wanted to exchange business cards. I had forgotten my cards, but offered to write my contact info on the back of my JICT Images marketing card, which is also the image on the bottom of our JICT box of images. She turned if over and asked me about the picture of the Grand Canyon. When I explained that this was one of 72 amazing images that I use for facilitating and coaching, she told me it was exactly what she had been looking for at a price she could afford. The only similar product that she could find was over $300. She was thrilled to write me a check for $89 and walk away with the one box of cards I had brought with me to the conference. In addition, she was excited about joining us as an Associate to earn 30% of all the sales she makes by sharing the products within her network. If this interests you, check it out at And when you are drawn to speak to someone, go for it!


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