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I recently attended an interesting Newfield Conference; Taking Life Seriously, Myself Lightly. Boy do I need that! I approach most things from the serious side. I love fun and lightness however, my default in just about anything is to start at the serious (do not confuse serious with negative or down). I can recall instances of a comment made meant to be funny and my initial attempt is to analyze, it figure it out … all of a sudden it dawns on me (and sometimes I have to be told) that it’s merely a light comment meant to shift the atmosphere or inspire reflection.

There is research to support that laughter is therapeutic. Did you know that pre-verbal babies laugh 300 times a day while adults 30 times? WOW! I set an intention a few years ago (moving to lightness has been a quest for me) that I would laugh daily each day. To keep this promise, I got hooked on the Golden Girls– it has so many funny lines that I laughed out loud all by myself. This practice brought to light the power of lightness … literally, I FELT lighter (emotionally and physically).

As of this writing, I’m setting a new intention … to practice seeing from the light vs. serious side until the end of the year (a recollection of how I spent at least 16 of my last 384 hours of 2011 – read on and this will make sense).

Where in your life would more lightness serve you?


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