Birthday Wrap Up

A continuation….

As birthdays go, 62 is not typically a benchmark year; yet it was extremely special for me. The YaYa gathering was a true celebration … GREAT food prepared by a fabulous hostess, coupled with wine, friends and inspiring conversation. What more could one desire?

Though not a stated desire, I was blessed with certainty, answers and jubilation which led to more questions for which I am most grateful.

Friends, save one, abided by my wishes and made contributions to favorite charities in lieu of gifts … when I opened the checks, I was uplifted. The “save one”, gifted me with a book, The Velveteen Rabbit, to share with my grandchildren that has special relevance to their deceased grandfather (she knew nothing of the connection) & great-grandmother.

Conversation involved sharing our concerns about the rest of our lives, the difference we make in the world and our desire to remain vital. A particularly powerful question inspired me to remember to COMPLETELY treasure each day, appreciate the people in my life, and not sweat the small stuff. It led me to explore some things I may want to “let go”.

And as I looked around the room I could not help but realize that like the unique vases on the sill, each of these friends (and those there in spirit) add richness to my life because they come with a special gift. At the end of the “birth” day, “stuckness” (read the previous blog postings regarding these topics) was replaced with gratitude and I was comfortable with the uncertainty and unknowing because being accepting of them earlier had manifested a day I could not have imaged to emerge!

Until my next birthday … happy birthday to you!!!


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