One Birthday Answer

I woke VERY early on the 29th of September (my birthday!) for a walk with a friend … 4 miles, more than my usual. She asked about my work … was not clear about exactly what it involved. As I described the work I do supporting people to generate a new awareness, to explore possibilities, to be curious and inquiring, answers were revealed to me.

The answers revealed involved satisfaction, fulfillment, purpose. My work is aligned with my purpose … apparently I needed a reminder of that. As I shuffled through the images for a reflection after my walk, this flower spoke to me of beauty and growth … the beauty & blossoming of each person I encounter!

All of a sudden the concern about the “unknowing” in business gained clarity. In the way that I serve, it is not about me rather about my client. “Unknowing” is the best place a coach can be. I LOVE my work and my ability to support people to grow and develop … especially young people! More birthday revelations ahead …


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