Just Right

User’s Intuition…

I spread out 8 random JICT images in front of my client to help her articulate how her mood had changed by the end of our coaching session. I asked her to pick the image that ‘spoke to her’ – using a phrase that was ambiguous and very open so she had freedom to go wherever she wanted.

In all the times I had used images with clients, I had never observed someone find the ‘just right’ card by a process elimination. One by one she brushed the images off to the side until two were left. All the rejected images were in tones of blue, while these two remaining were filled with color. It was quite a surprise to her to see that she had kept colorful ones since she always choose to wear the more muted colors in the rejected pile.

The next question was revealed: Where had the color gone in her life? This opened up a whole new territory of learning for both of us!


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