Birthday Transition

My birthday is in September, just a short bit ago. As part of my reflection about the shift into MY new year (I view each birthday as my own personal step into what is next!), I pulled the image of the car. It spoke to me about uncertainty, unknowing and yes maybe even “stuckness”! You see, there were no celebratory plans until a week before the day!

The uncertainty lay in what I want to unfold in this coming year … it was not clear. And yet, having been single for 14 years since the sudden death of my husband, I really want a life partner. It’s just not happening! There was some clarity the evening of the 29th which was totally unexpected.

The unknowing lay in not having answers … personal, business, family … at the moment of reflection each domain had unanswered questions. I’ve become much more comfortable being in the questions and yet coupled with the uncertainly & “stuckness”, I was craving answers.

The “stuckness” was a bit of feeling sorry for myself… a week to go until my special day and no one had offered any invitation to celebrate. To be continued …


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