AmeriCorps Volunteers

Transformational Testimonial…

We were amazed at how powerful the images worked in my AmeriCorps Volunteer small group training. At the start of the 3 days, we asked our group of 15 participants to choose an image that captured how they felt about working with young girls. While this took almost a full hour, it set the stage for the rest of the training.

One young woman chose this troubled mask to describe the pain that many of the young girls in her program experience by being excluded and teased by her peers. This also evoked memories of her own childhood where she struggled to fit in. As she was sharing, she realized that her personal experience growing up was the inspiration for her work as a young adult. Her face lit up with delight as she connected the dots. And all of this came from an image. The intimate sharing brought our group closer and set the stage for a very powerful training!

WOW! La Trenza Leadership Training Team


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