Right Time to Forget

Creativity in Action…

This may not seem like the optimum time to forget what you already know … as a new school year is about to begin (even if o you will not be starting school, you are a student!). And, perhaps it is JUST the right time.

If you assess yourself as lacking creative writing ability, you’d likely be more inspired if you forgot that assessment. We all have creative genes that when activated blossom. Most of the time creativity is cut off by some limiting belief that we hold. Someone, along the way, made a negative comment about something we wrote that we’ve embraced as true. Once we hold it as truth, we “write the story” that corresponds … so often it is just that … a story. How might your creativity blossom if you choose to forget that you hold yourself as not creative?

Since everyone can be trained to sing in tune (if somewhere along the way they lost that ability), “I cannot sing” is a story. Somewhere some of us were told we sang off key or could not carry a tune which laid the foundation for the story that supports that belief. If vocal creativity were encouraged to blossom, that story would be dismantled. Research substantiates that we all have vocal chords that can be “re” trained … if necessary.

And, how might it serve me to reserve judgment (forget) about the opinions of others regarding a teacher (or co-worker)? Accepting opinions as truth often causes us to interact in ways that interfere with our success. How might my experience be different if I choose to meet each person forgetting all that I have heard? Or even forgetting prior experiences with that person?

As you ponder Mr. Einstein, how might forgetting serve to allow your creativity to flow as you enter a new school year, aka, adventure?


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