It Is a Choice

There is always a choice! Sometimes we forget that which is when we feel stuck. Choice is a good thing to remember … and often easy to forget. Interesting how selective we can be in our remembering and forgetting. Somehow we are quite able to focus on whatever it is that defeats us … remembering things that no longer serve us is often easy; forgetting things that do serve us more challenging.

It is said that to change a habit (shift) it takes 30 days of persistent action in a new direction. To make a shift several things must be in place:

  • clarity about the shift itself
  • identified benefit for making the shift
  • clear value about the shift and
  • desire to make it.

If I choose to live in an “unstuck” place re my career, the following steps may be helpful:

  • clarity … using the kite, I want to see myself as about to launch vs. stuck in the tree
  • benefit … launching will inspire me to investigate new career opportunities
  • value … I fulfill my life purpose in a career position that fulfills me
  • desire … I’m ready to feel rewarded, fulfilled and make a difference in the work that I do

For the next 30 days I forget to remember a stuck kite; I visualize the kite soaring to heights as far as I can imagine … and beyond!

Or I can choose to hold on to the “stuck in the tree” story … the narrative may then be no matter what I do, I will never find a job that fulfills me; I’m too old (or young), I’m a poor interviewer, and on and on. This is the story I’d suggest remembering to forget!


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