Forget to Surrender

Image This…

The idea of forgetting intrigues me because when I’ve had “senior moments”, in the past, I have, at times, beaten myself up for forgetting. What I have learned is that letting go of forgetting serves me in a powerful way. Most often when I let go and accept that what I need will show up … whether in the way I expected or thought I knew it, what I forgot most often comes back. I like to think of it as confirmation that ‘what goes around, comes around’!

We have everything we need if we choose to be accepting. Whatever you think of as the “greater power”, whether the Universe or God or the Great Spirit, provides us with all that we need to thrive. What gets in the way many times is control which almost always has an element of resistance.

Think about resistance as you focus on this image.

  • What outcome will occur with resistance?
  • How will the outcome differ if you surrender?
  • What do you want to forget so that you can surrender?

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