A student who was referred for coaching reported that at the beginning of her work with a coach she was not focused on what was right I front of her in the moment because she was fixated on the past.

As she was supported to focus and move forward, she reported seeing things from a new view; she’s become focused, content and happy. Success! Images evoke feelings that express much more than words.



  1. Brooke  September 16, 2011

    I agree. Getting a new perspective can really help. Although, I have to say, that it can be hard to "move" and see things differently as you are "stuck". Sometimes we need a push to get started and seeing a coach can really help!

  2. Irene Kelly  September 17, 2011

    Moving can definitely be difficult until one has a new awareness … we don't know what we don't know. Support makes all the difference. Once we realize the benefit of help and are willing to ask for it, getting "unstuck" becomes much easier. The mirror a coach holds can be invaluable.


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