I’ve been noticing how distracted (my assessment) so many folks are by cell phones, Ipods and other communication devices. Isn’t it interesting that these devices are purposed for communication and yet, in many ways they inhibit connection. This image speaks to me about how the devices that are intended to connect us in many ways “wall us off”.

Have you been out to lunch with a friend or colleague whose smart phone is on the table and one eye (if not both) constantly on the screen? All of a sudden it lights up and s/he either quickly hits ignore or offers an excuse to take the call? It makes me wonder whether our time together or the caller or email author take priority.

How about the times when you are at a meeting and at least half the attendees focus is directed toward their lap. While texting is quick and efficient and makes connections, at times it interferes with connections. On a scale of 1-10, how fully engaged in the topic at hand can you be while texting a reply or responding to an email?

Being fully present to me means the person in your presence is the focus … not someone at the office or at home or across the world. And, I recognize that there are times when our devices quickly connect us to emergencies, etc.

So I ask you, what bars are blocking your connections? I have a concern that folks will lack connection while communicating. I am really interested to hear your thoughts.


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