Our Journey

Here is a very enthusiastic group of new image users who attended a class I, Jane Kerschner, taught in Chautauqua, NY entitled, “ Exploring Image with Groups: A Window into the Soul”. We used the images to get to know each other, to discover more about our own selves, and to find very practical ways to use them in the work that each does in the world. Participants left with confidence that they had an engaging tool that would enhance their work in the classroom, the church search committee, the college sorority, the family reunion, and the medical conference.

My colleagues and I offer consulting and workshops to help others build their expertise in using images in their workplaces and individual client work. Please contact us at to learn how we can enhance your work and play with others.

Thanks to Gordon Bartage from Shreveport, LA, one of the students, who captured us holding the image that captured what each of us felt was most expressive of who we were.



  1. Anonymous  August 10, 2011

    Hi Irene… love your posts!


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