Debriefing in the Moment

Creativity In Action…

The JICT images are an amazing tool to use to give voice to strong emotions that, if ignored, could prevent a group from moving forward. Participants in a class that I taught this summer had just attended a lecture give by a very famous opera singer who was a major force in the civil rights movement. After about 3 minutes into her hour-long speech, it was obvious that she was losing her cognitive capacity. While many in the audience left, all of my students stayed for this heartbreaking experience. Rather than using my planned beginning, I decided to ask each participant to chose an image to capture how they were feeling. Several of the participants chose this image and described the dried seaweed as the brittle and broken neural pathways in her brain that no longer allowed this amazing women tell us her stories.

Using the images images allowed us to process the experience together, brought us closer together, and enhanced our learning. The ability to be flexible and sensitive in the moment as we work with groups adds real value to our work with others and the images are the perfect medium to encourage the release of strong emotions.


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