Window Viewpoint

A client, deciding upon whether or not to take a new job, randomly chose this image out of the deck of cards. After several minutes of reflection, she said that the image inspired her to take a different approach in her decision-making. At first look, she was drawn to the women in the foreground. She realized that she was hyper focused on only the short-term issues involved in whether or not to accept the job offer. It meant she would have to leave her workmates, sell her apartment, and relocate to a new city half-way across the country. It truly seemed daunting. But as her eyes drifted outside the window, across the lawn and landed on the US Capital dome, she was able to focus farther into the future. She recognized that the new job would open up many new opportunities and that she had always wanted to live in the mid-west. This was the push she needed to take the job!


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