Look Up

Transformation Testimonial…

During our Getting to the Heart of the Matter webinar on June 14th, we used 6 JICT Images and simulated the first meeting of a new team. Each participant was to choose an image and share what he or she cared about as a way of introducing themselves to the new team.

We processed afterwards and it was amazing what value everyone felt and saw from this experience. Sydney shared that she related to the strengths and passions that each person shared. Andrea said that this activity opened the door for her to make connections with team members. Susan shared that she felt alignment with both the collective and individual “cares”, and Tracey shared that the activity brought a group cohesion and a “buy-in” from the team that just doing the usual name/organization thing would never have offered. Wow!

When you look up and through the trees rather than at them, amazingly different things can be felt.


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