Ann Deaton

I attended a great webinar presented by Newfield Coach, Dr. Ann Deaton, on Tapping the Visualization Power of the Brain. Ann uses visualization as an engaging, different way to create awareness for her coaching clients. She encourages them to imagine a visual metaphor to help them get new insights or get ‘unstuck’.

For example, a client, who feels trapped by a situation at work, may visualize being an eagle high up in a nest and thus able to see from a very different viewpoint. Speaking as the bird in the nest, the client shares what she sees from this viewpoint and what it might feel like to be an eagle. As the client speaks, she can begin to apply this metaphor to her the situation at work. If she were an eagle, what could she see? With the ability to move quickly with ease, what is possible?

Ann says, “using visual imagery helps bring the client out of their story, recognizing that it IS a story that they are telling and that they could choose to tell a different one instead.” Ann has her clients imagine the image.

This image of the bird’s nest in the tree is part of a 72 card selection that can also help coaches and clients work with visual metaphors.

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