Team Role

I am always surprised that almost anyone can find himself in this image. My client, who is in charge of training at an oil drilling station in northern Africa, selected this from 6 random images. His job is to work with a team who is under-performing and whose jobs are in jeopardy with an impending merger. I asked him which image illustrated his role with his team. He said he was the hand reaching out to ‘help’ his team members. They needed to recognize that he knew what would help them keep their jobs. When I asked him to focus on the little girl and what she needed from him, he realized that she was doing just fine all by herself. Our conversation shifted from him telling his team what they needed to stepping back and asking his team how he could support them through this difficult time. He realized that he was not giving them a chance to take charge of their own lives. He felt lighter, more hopeful and ready to engage anew with his team.


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