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The kite stuck in the tree reminded me that what I heard when I listened to Elwin Wilson (white) speak about his Freedom Rider involvement was “stuckness”. Elwin shared that he had beat John Lewis (black) along that ride, mercilessly, because, at the time, he was stuck in fear. Integration was an unknown; he was so afraid of the unknown that he beat John Lewis (black) along that ride in Alabama. Fear had him stuck and only actions to protect were available to him.

More sobbing in my living room as I witnessed Elwin apologize to John in front of my eyes … Elwin’s fears had been allayed, his kites were definitely “unstuck” and flying in the breeze. John shared that in all these years no one had ever apologized … it was a glorious experience for me to witness heart opening from one to the other. I wish for more kites to fly freely! What kite would you like to release that is presently stuck in your trees?


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