Royal References

As I shuffled through the images for inspiration for this writing, the Queen spoke to me in different ways. Of course the Queen said “Royal Wedding”! I didn’t get up to watch live, however, I did see the replays and was amazed how moved I was. My reaction inspired time for reflection and some revelations. I LOVE the reverence, the fact that people dress up (I like to dress up) the ceremony/ritual and the respect!!! What came to me was what a different world it would be if respect was more present everywhere.

I realized that I was moved because the references to the princes losing their Mom was reminiscent of my boys (princes) lost their dad. And we walked behind the coffin from the church to the cemetery … certainly not the public event that was Diana’s and yet an image nonetheless of that similar experience.

I was also moved by what seemed to be such a happy couple in love. It was refreshing to see a young royal couple so real, so clear about themselves and so in love … truly a fairy tale. The images said hope … hope for a couple starting a new life, hope in the future and hope for me … in my quest to meet that special person. I’m dreaming of a fairly tale sometime soon!

Watch for the next blog to learn about the other “queen” inspiration … a very different inspiration!


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