May for Mothers

The beauty of JICT Images is that each person sees a different message in each image and the same person sees a different message at different times! The Queen inspired me in two very different ways … read on …

May is the month for Mothers … I am a mother and a grandmother! The image of the queen reminds me of my matriarchal role, my responsibility as a feminine role model for my children & grandchildren. How I modeled being female influenced how my sons learned to interact with women. It also was significant to how they would be as husbands … quite a responsibility. I’ve always felt honored to parent boys because it allowed me to influence the acculturation of these two men.

The image also reminds me that as a grandmother, I am the elder of the family, the holder of the “story”! Sharing my wisdom with my grandchildren will teach them about their heritage so they understand their roots and can carry those things that are beneficial to their future. Our past informs our present and our future so sharing our stories connects us to our heritage and impacts our choices. The image of the queen says volumes to me about royalty in terms of how it reflects connection, family and heritage. Mothers’ Day reminds me that in my roles as mother and grandmother, I am the bearer of the stories that are the family foundation. I’m honored!


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