Celebration of Mothers

Hello all children of mothers!

We just celebrated Mother’s Day and my wish is that you took time to think about the gifts your mother offers/offered you. My discovery was that sometimes the best gifts are not obvious. If something comes to mind that you don’t like about your mother, try turning it around and see what you discover.

An example from my thinking about my mother is that I didn’t like that she would at times change what I saw as “facts” to make it fit her values. Like one of those things, when you go, “Oh, Mother, really!” When I turned it around, I saw that it served her and how she viewed the person the story was about. She was creating her own reality (something I believe we do) and it worked for her. So, now, I’m thinking if it serves those around you… doesn’t hurt anyone… than shift your thoughts to what works for you and you just may enjoy life more.

Thanks, Mother… never thought I would see such a value in your “gift”!


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