Announcing JICT Image Gallery

ANNOUNCING the JICT Image Gallery:

The JICT Team has just released an online version of all 72 JICT Images. The JICT Image Gallery product allows you to show all 72 JICT Images via your computer wherever you have Internet access.

For example, let’s say you are using your image cards with a large group. Now you can show the entire group the image card each person or group selected.

This on-line ‘set of images’ allows you to use the JICT images with clients on the phone and to bring the images into large group presentations and workshops. You share the images over Skype, your client chooses the just right one in the moment, you enlarge it to fill the screen, and your conversation is launched! Accessing the Gallery for a large group, you can quickly choose the one image for everyone to focus on to enrich your discussion. To review a small sample of the gallery, go to or just click the “Presentation Gallery” tab above.

Wow!! Excited? We are!! Click here to order.


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