Wreck in Life

What could you salvage from a wreck in your life? A client was drawn to this image because she felt her life was “self destructing”! Personally, she had an issue surfacing that was unpleasant and caused turmoil among family members. Professionally, she was holding fear of a colleague … self imposed intimidation born out of a long term non-communicative relationship. The image inspired her to name all that, identify possibilities and make choices that served her. 
Where is there a wreck in your life? What would you like to salvage? What are the possibilities that will support you to create the reality you desire? Knowing the possibilities will allow you to choose the value in “repairing” the truck, what “repairs” to make and how to “back the truck up”!
PS. My client choose to address the fear she held, initiated a conversation with the “feared” colleague, learned that what she was holding as “truth” was merely an assessment. The bottom line is that her “feared” colleague became a source of client referrals to her. Possibilities

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