Girl and Hand

Transformational Testimonial 

I worked with a client who wanted to release some guilt she felt when recalling how she had mothered her daughter at a young age. My metaphor was this image of offering my hand to help her up from the tunnel of guilt and into the sunshine. 

She shared a metaphor of a cloak wrapped around her as her guilt. During our session, she was able to drop the cloak until it lay around her feet and left with homework of visualizing where she wanted the cloak to be. 
At the next session I again offered ”my hand” and asked if she was ready to throw the cloak of guilt out the door. She taught me a wonderful lesson… “No,” she said. “I’ve decided to throw it into the corner. I’m keeping it around because sometimes I like to spend an evening wrapped up in it.” 
My client did not want my hand to step completely out of her tunnel, she wanted to do this in her own way… a way that would best serve her. What I have learned from using these images with myself and with others is that each of us see/feel very different things in each one and even each time we use them. To me, this is magic… the magic of spring.

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