Coat of Armor

How do the ways you protect yourself interfere with blossoming? I recently had a conversation with a business associate who shared some pretty personal information and captioned it with the fact that he is a very private person and only shares about himself with a select few. Of course, I was honored and also curious. I was honored by his trust and curious about how protecting himself this way supports him.

I invited him to choose an image … the image of the lizard led him to an epiphany regarding how opening up would serve him to grow his business. What he realized was that he had built an armor to protect himself from harm; the need for protection was related to being deceived and hurt (financially and emotionally) by a former business associate.

This epiphany led him to acknowledge that protecting himself from the actions of a single individual several years ago was hampering him from creating business relationships that would support him now. The heavy coat of armor he had built as protection from that single experience was in the way of trusting relationships with many people in his life. 
Where in your life has a coat of armor become so strong that it interferes with your growth or dims the blossoming that could be?

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