Break the Cycle

How does the moon’s cycle relate to you right now? A powerful question as we move from winter to spring and the blossoming of new growth. 
I was working with a high school student recently who realized that a constant cycle of ideas was preventing him from moving forward.
His desire to have an impact in the world and his high value on how new ideas inspire innovation that would allow him to have that impact put him into a cycle that was in the way of his performance in school. Once he found a way to capture the ideas so as not to forget them, he was free to take actions to be current with school work and improve attendance and grades.

My how a simple image of the moon in its brilliance allowed him to be free of behavior that was in his way!

While on the surface the ideas seemed crucial to his desire to have an impact; once he recognized that they were actually in his way, he was able to function a different way. Breaking the cycle was key for him; what cycle would you benefit from breaking?


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