User’s Intuition – Students Respond

Amazing how intuition was tapped as other mentor students were inspired by an image s/he choose – RANDOMLY – and shared how the image reflected where each was in the process of finding a mentor.
The hot air balloon inspired a student who was feeling stuck and had not shared it to “ask for help”. The image allowed her to reveal that she was stuck about how to make more contacts and, until now, had not acknowledged that and had not asked for help. This awareness allowed her to identify who to ask and agree to “make the ask” by a specified time. Quite a breakthrough for her!
Another student, who had an agreement from a mentor, learned that he had been transferred out of state and she would have to find another. The image of the mask spoke sadness to her (she would have to begin again) … and persistence … she wants an experience in the medical field so she will keep going to find other prospects. Persistence will motivate her to get what she wants.
One lesson in using images this way is that sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know or are afraid to acknowledge what is real for us. An image gives us a way to safely speak our truth which leads to new possibilities and solutions.

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